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"A woman’s body is constantly changing - monthlies, motherhood and menopause.

Therefore, your training should constantly be evolving.

Come and train SMARTER, not HARDER."


What we do best

A good progressive mix of most of the following is key for a healthy functioning body, We aim to provide a variety of these during your sessions, unless a specific goal is in mind in which we can focus more on specific areas of training.

Pre and Post Natal Exercise

Being fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy and the postpartum period is a goal for most women. It can be a tricky time depending on your pregnancy or your birth. There are certain factors that need to be considered when training throughout or getting back into exercise. By being trained and experienced in this process we can keep you healthy in body and mind throughout.


Female Specific Training

Women are not small men, nor should they be trained like one. Did you know that women should train differently throughout different stages of their monthly cycle? Or that making a few small dietary changes during certain times of the month to work with their hormones and not against them can be game changing?  Or even when hitting the menopause and beyond, exercise and dietary style needs to be changed and carefully considered?  We do, and will be working with you and your body to have everything working with you, no matter what those pesky hormones might be up to.

Core and Glute Strength

A stable core and active glutes that fire correctly during exercise is and should be a high priority in anyone’s training regime, no matter the end goal. 
Activations and pilates style movements aim to focus on your core as a whole and not just the aesthetic muscles.
A must for weak or sore lower backs.

Mobility & Flexibility Training 

Working on your range of motion around all of the body’s joints is simply a must. This is especially true in an age of sedentary jobs, computers and mobile phones, where we are all becoming stiff in the neck/shoulders and tight in the hips. We provide mobility basics for those who are very tight and for those who may want a workout to be structured around general mobility. Mobility flows will get your heart rate up whilst increasing your range of motion. Stretching is equally important and will be incorporated into every session

Resistance Training

Gaining strength, resilience and toning up , requires resistance training.
Note: you will not get 'bulky' by this style of training, what you will get is a strong able body, great tone and delay the onset of osteoporosis.

Cardio and HITT

You can up your fitness levels many ways and cardio is the one that comes to everyone’s mind. Unfortunately, cardio is not for everyone, but we make it more enjoyable by figuring out what you respond to best. This could be circuit training, HIIT or boxing to name a few. Trust me when I say the words, calorie burning sweaty fun!

The Studio

"Wanting to give my clients the service they deserve, I knew I needed personally oversee all aspects of their training. This led me to build the home studio, to create a safe, friendly and welcoming environment for women to train."


Fran Hardcastle

When I came to Linda in January, I was a pretty broken woman. A serious fall the spring before had injured both my ankles very badly, leading to some serious weight gain, which in turn resulted in daily pain with every step I took. This also contributed to quite serious depression. I'd tried working with other trainers, with classes, dieting, but nothing seemed to stick or work and I couldn't lift myself out of the rut I was in.

In my first session with Linda, I couldn't even bend over to reach a medicine ball, let alone pick it up. Linda approached my healing holistically and with ingenuity and patience. Her knowledge of nutrition is second to none. She reminded me of how and why to eat to be in the best health, tweaking my diet to my lifestyle and tastes, so it feels completely natural to me now to fuel myself in a way that is kind to my body. She completely understands the psychological barriers to facing challenges like injury and the effects of emotional eating. I felt fully supported through those daily hurdles with Linda on hand. As a PT, I was wowed with her imagination, memory and ingenuity. At the start of training with her, I couldn't put any weight on my feet, had zero flexibility and no cardio fitness or stamina. Every single session (and there have been many), she was able to introduce new exercises that brought consistent improvement. Week by week I saw weight fall off but more importantly, I saw my strength, flexibility and movement improve dramatically. This week, I'll be running a 5K again, for the first time in over a year. I now rarely ever feel pain in my feet and ankles and I am so, very much happier. Thank you Linda, for saving my ass!

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+61 400 873 697

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