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About Linda Anne

‘ I have always had an interest in women's health when it comes to training. Having my first child made me want to deepen my knowledge in all areas of the subject. I am passionate about training women correctly through multiple pregnancies, the postpartum period, menopause and their monthly cycles.’

‘I personally use fitness to look after my own mental wellbeing. Understanding that results come with time and persistence,  I can honestly say you will start benefiting from your very first session.’

‘I really believe that there is a healthy lifestyle for everyone that is maintainable. You just have to find whatever works best for you, something you want to do and something that doesn't cause you pain or injury. ‘

At the studio, we really enjoy analysing and discovering what makes our clients tick, what benefits them the most and finding ways we can implement small but steady changes into their lifestyle. Instead of providing another fad or crash diet, we promise to offer something that is a lifelong achievable change.

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