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Core Comes First.


If you can’t perform a movement maintaining an active core, the movement isn’t for you at the moment or the load is too heavy.

If you can’t run or jump without leaking or getting a sore back again, not ready.

I would say this rings true baby or no baby. But getting back into exercise postpartum is a confusing time, you may want to make the most of your time to exercise or feel pressure too lose your baby weight, but it is imperative you prioritise a few things first

⭐️ WORK ON YOUR BREATHING - google diaphragmatic breathing and do that daily. It’s number one.

⭐️ Work on your deep core. Distaisis or no, pregnancy leaves your core weak as, this isn’t just your superficial muscles 100 crunches followed by leg raises won’t do the trick, we are talking TVA, lower back, pelvic floor, they all need to re connect and work in synergy before you attempt anything too strenuous.

⭐️ While you’re working on your breathing and core strength eat well (no crazy diets) and walk to keep yourself healthy.

🖐🏼If your core isn’t correctly working, your body will always over compensate somewhere else ,🖐🏼

If every time you do some sort of exercise you have a nagging pain somewhere else in your body, the culprit may be your core strength, especially if you haven’t done any postpartum recovery work even if it’s years down the track 💕 this could also be the case if you core is just generally weak (no bub required)

I will get an all over core/ diastasis friendly routine up ⬆️ soon.

Be wary of any “influencer or professional” who got their baby body back by doing 8 million crunches, if you do have diastasis, diagnosed or undiagnosed this could make things worse, even if you don’t this is probably the one of the least effective exercises for regaining core connection 👀 xxx


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