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Say NO to the Snapback!

Say no to the snap back 👊🏼.

First day back training vs today (3 months - 6months postpartum).

Even though I’m still 5kg over my pre baby weight, the last few weeks have I have actually felt a bit more like me, will I probably get back to that weight? Possibly not, am I bothered? Not particularly.

I’ve changed. My bodies changed. My body gave birth to an actual human and for that it’s amazing. 🥳

So to set a goal of getting back to where I was before, would be unrealistic and probably soul destroying.

The first few months I found that hard to come to terms with, but finding balance now.

A few things I have learnt from an exercise perspective during this period are

☀️ first and foremost let your body do what it needs to first heal, it’s just been through trauma, it still needs to hold weight for breastfeeding etc and regulate … let that happen first.

☀️ Start with your core, all those small not up to much exercises your physio gives you DO THEM. Until your core and pelvic floor is right you will struggle to get things going without causing injury.

☀️ Set your exercise goal to the bare minimum, looking after a bub all day is bloody hard, no sleep is worse. Make a goal just to get your exercises done 1x per week to start… then anything else you do is a plus! Don’t set yourself up for failure.

☀️ Walk walk and walk some more, baby sleeps, you both get fresh air, you don’t have to think about it and it will burn some calories en route.

☀️ It’s better to do 10 mins of something than nothing at all. A tired brain can deal with 10

mins of something just start, you will probably end up doing more once you get going.

☀️ If your unsure how to go about things get professional help. Every ladies birth and starting point postpartum is different, make sure your doing the correct exercises for you and your situation ❤️❤️

It’s good to be back ❤️

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