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Your Week of Wonder

Do you GO with the FLOW?

I’m not asking if you’re breezy, but ladies do you lighten your exercise load because you got your period?

I recently did a little poll in which the outcome was most of us relax a little or put our feet up during that time or the month when it comes to exercise 🧘‍♀️

TRUTH IS the first 14(ish) days of your cycle (menstruation being day one) before you ovulate, is when your body gets the MOST benefit from strength training, being able to build more muscle (tone ladies tone) and increase strength, due to both your estrogen and progesterone being at its lowest.

🥜 In a nutshell this is the time of the month a woman’s body is most like mans! The most effective days of the 14 days being the ones closer to the day you your period - easing up towards ovulation (Estrogen spike).

Now!!! We have a few considerations to think about you may be suffering from

🥴Lack of sleep


🥴Heavy bleeding

🥴 Back ache

Don’t ignore that and push yourself though something that could make you worse, listen to your body always.

BUT these tend to only last a day or three (hopefully 🤞🏼) as humans we tend to “blanket” things and wait for the storm to pass.

THE CLASSIC - I haven’t eaten healthy at all this week - DIET STARTS AGAIN ON MONDAY - 👀 - it’s Tuesday hun.. start now, next meal or at least tomorrow - it’s not the way to go.

So all I’m saying is instead of sitting the whole event out, wait until your over the nitty gritty, pull your big girl pants on (literally) and go and try lifting a little heavier at a lower rep range, or more explosive movements like your box jumps, sprints etc.

Don’t fully waste your two weeks of wonder 😍

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