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Just poking my head out the little maternity bubble and started with a name change (original I know)! 🥳

As much a Push up & Prosecco will forever be in my heart as are you @giulia.menenti, times have changed, I no longer drink Prosecco (red wine if you’re asking) and Push ups are currently off the schedule with abdominal separation postpartum, I did think about Red Wine and Rows but it really did have the same sparkle ✨

So here we are back to my original name when I started coaching all those many moons ago.

Been taking this time out to fully focus on my little man and my own health and well-being, even though I decided to move to Oz a few years back I never imagined having my first baby without being able to see my family or without a clue when I can take him to meet them. It is what it is and I have plenty of friends in similar situations, just hoping everyone is being kind to themselves and getting through the best they can ❤️

I’m going to be posting a few questions in my stories over the next few days just to get a good idea where for some useful and relevant content to share with you all! Will be grateful for all responses ❤️❤️

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